Etcetra #1

Hey y'all! Sooo I know I created this personal blog a while ago then never posted again. Basically, I've been sooo busy. I had to get a new iPad for high school, and I'm writing my first post on it! Yay! I've been on vacation, I've been working at my local library, and thankfully I… Continue reading Etcetra #1


DIY Banner in 6 Simple Steps

Hey cherries! Sooo recently I made this super cute birthday banner (you can put whatever on it though!) and I did not make step by step pictures due to the fact that I thought it was pretty self-explanatory. So I took 4 pictures and made it into a collage on my PicCollage app which is… Continue reading DIY Banner in 6 Simple Steps

About Me

Hey cherries! I am here with a bunch of facts about meee! I play softball I am high school soon I love the whole rainbow but mostly fuchsia and turquoise and cyan I most definitely am an artist My fav quote: This princess saves herself I enjoy watching TV shows such as Bones and NCIS… Continue reading About Me