The Polka Dot Muggles NEW SITE

Hey! Do you love the magical world of Harry Potter? If yes, go follow the new site, The Polka Dot Muggles !!! Are you interested in posting anything Harry Potter related on the new blog? Email for more information! Are you interested in having your article posted in the monthly editions of the Quibbler?… Continue reading The Polka Dot Muggles NEW SITE


Michaels Haul

Hey! So y'all better know as a crafty (both crafy: artistic and crafty: well, Slytherin) Slytherin girl, Michaels aka the arts & crafts store is my ABSOLUTE FAVORIIIIITEEEE!!!! Thanks to my bestie for giving me a gift card for my birthday by the way! So, I got to go to Michaels! Yay! Here is what… Continue reading Michaels Haul

The Pickle Revolution

Share this photo on all of your social medias if you dislike pickles and write #thepicklerevolution Post on your Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more wit the hashtag#thepicklerevolution !!!! Support me, Sam, and show your hatred of pickles off to @untitledollover !!!!! My Instagram: @happilyeverafterdolls (doll main) @kanani.ravenclaw (kanani doll account)… Continue reading The Pickle Revolution