DIY Banner in 6 Simple Steps

Hey cherries! Sooo recently I made this super cute birthday banner (you can put whatever on it though!) and I did not make step by step pictures due to the fact that I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.

So I took 4 pictures and made it into a collage on my PicCollage app which is the image you see above.

Steps. . .

  1. Cut out a tracer~ This is unnecessary however I was not in the mood to use a ruler for each and every sign on the banner. NOTE: Make sure to make a big tracer then a slightly smaller one!
  2. Use the tracers to cut out your parts~ The bigger piece should be a plain color. The smaller one should be color-coordinating scrapbook paper or what I did, plain watercolor paper! If you used scrapbook paper, ignore this next step!
  3. Paint your watercolor paper~ I personally messed up a little bit on this one. I used a peach pink for the plain paper however I made the pink watercolor paper a little bit too dark. I sadly made the same mistake on the blue ones as well. I used a turquoise color for plain paper but then most of my watercolors turned out to be too dark. I mean, it looks fine but not perfect.
  4. Once you have all the paper ready to go, you can glue the pieces together!
  5. Then you of course need to add your letters
  6. And finally, put each banner-letter-thing-a-ma-bob onto the string. FOr this you can spruce it up a bit for example you could create a super long friendship bracelet like braid or you could use tiny paper clips to keep the letters on instead of tape!

That is it! It’s a really easy craft, and pretty nice looking too! Bye!

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