My Life Recently & Other Interesting Info

Heyyyy! Long time to see y’all! So apparently I only posted once last month and what was it? 3 times in October?

We’ll I’m trying y’all, I’m trying to start posting again!

I had a really bad bout of asthma in October and November and I missed a lot of school. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I had been coughing continuously so here I am, not at school.

Some of my favorite things from November. . .

  • Obviously NCIS DC. They had some pretty good new episodes these past few months. I’m excited for the 17 because Ziva is supposed to come back again!

  • Scrunchies. I never had any scrunchies because well, I dunno. But my sister got me one in hmmm maybe April? It had rainbow puzzle pieces for autism awareness (yes I have autism).

I really liked it so when my ‘Big Sister’ (a older high school student who kinda adopts the others. Everyone has one) got me 3 of them I was pretty excited. Then I found a couple plain black ones in a cabinet at my house.

And finally, I went to a craft show last weekend and I bought 3 of them (1 black velvet, 1 green velvet with teeny tiny gold polka dots, and a black Harry Potter one).

I like them because I can have them on my wrist during school so I can have my hair down but I can still put it up for P.E. class (regular ponytails are too tight)

  • These super cool watercolor markers. My grandma got me them for my birthday in August. They’re just regular markers until you use the snazzy marker that comes with it that is just a regular marker just there’s no dye. There’s just water. Therefore, they blend together. You can see some images of them in my recent art collection post coming up soon.

So yeah, I have some posts up my sleeve.

Some of them are. . .

  • Recent Art Collection
  • A Collab With My Bestie (so ummmm I have been planning this since July but I haven’t gotten around to posting it hehe)
  • 20 of my Favorite Things
  • My Christmas Wishlist

Have a great day y’all!

One thought on “My Life Recently & Other Interesting Info

  1. HARRY POTTER!!! And it’s so awesone that they’re doing more autistic representations.
    And, yes, NCIS DC has been especially good this year, in my opiniin.
    Those watercolor markers are so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

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