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Q & A with my bestie!

***this is word for word! **** questions in bold Alyssa in italics and me regular Hey! Sam here! Here's the Q & A post with my best friend Alyssa. Would you like to say anything before we begin? Alyssa? ***not including me being annoying and repeatedly asking 'hello?' and 'Alyssa?' Hi. I was busy. And… Continue reading Q & A with my bestie!


Preview of My Novel

Hello y'all! So I've been working on this since November w/ NaNoWriMo (National novel writing month, a challenge) and I thought I would show y'all a sneak peak! Chapter One     We don’t know how we got here. We don’t know which door it is. We don’t know who the monster is. All we know… Continue reading Preview of My Novel