My School Supplies for 2019-2020

Hiya! The post with my bestie will be out the 19th! But until then, enjoy this! Every year, I have a theme. Last year was fruit, the year before? Pastels. This year, it is gold & marble. The DIY notebook decorations will be uo soon as well! This is my pencil case and everything in… Continue reading My School Supplies for 2019-2020


The Pickle Revolution

Share this photo on all of your social medias if you dislike pickles and write #thepicklerevolution Post on your Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more wit the hashtag#thepicklerevolution !!!! Support me, Sam, and show your hatred of pickles off to @untitledollover !!!!! My Instagram: @happilyeverafterdolls (doll main) @kanani.ravenclaw (kanani doll account)… Continue reading The Pickle Revolution